Gaming Features of the Samsung Captivate

| Wednesday, February 2, 2011
By Gareth Jale

Android smart phone gaming can be really fun. This is ideal for those who favors all the aspects of an Android phone with the best design in gaming after the iPhone. The media aspect of the phone allows you to chat on the side while gaming with friends. Portable gaming is becoming increasingly popular. You will need some things to go along with your phone as well. Here are some of those things to enhance your gaming experience.

Gaming with this device is fun. This is one smart phone that has a six-axis sensor that is specifically made for gaming. So you know that it is going to work well. You can tilt to your heart's delight and game your way through your favorite games. That alone is well worth the money. Then add to that the fact that the phone has media aspects that help you stay in touch with the world around you. All social networks including Twitter and Facebook are included in the media part of the phone. Those media applications allow you to game online through the social networks where you play.

The accessories are available for users to complement their game. The first of the accessories that you need to get is a case. This protects your phone from the inevitable bumps that will occur as you game away. A case you could get is one that is rubberized. That way it won't slide across the car when you turn a corner. It provides great protection just in case of an accidental drop during gaming. You need that protection for your phone.

A screen protector is another thing that you should get for your phone. It protects the screen interaction as you game each day. After a while the screen can become scratched if you don't watch for that. This helps protect your phone from that. That way you can enjoy your phone longer. Screen protectors usually come in many packages so you can replace it if one is damaged. There are some types that are hard shell. That is very good for the people that didn't get the rubberized case. Those simply slip the phone into the shell. Then you place a film over the screen to be able to use it and have it completely covered.

The headphones can be as important as any other accessory that you require for this phone. It is important to have a good quality one for you to enjoy the experience of your phone. A bad set of headphones can really ruin the mood. Sound quality is as important as anything else in your gaming experience with your phone. Be sure to get a good set.

Always have chargers ready for the phone. You need a quality charger that will stay plugged in and adapt from the house to the car in a flash. Phones like this take a lot of juice to keep them going. If you don't have a charger then you aren't going to be able to game very long. Have your charger near and handy. That way you can keep your phone ready to play whenever you want it.

Your Android phone is an asset and a gamer's fun toy. These accessories can really help you enjoy your phone that much more. Obtaining the right accessories for your phone is almost essential. In the end you can really have a wonderful gaming experience on your smart phone.

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