SIM-Only Contracts: Could they be Well worth Putting your signature on?

| Wednesday, February 16, 2011
By Cathy Dunstan

SIM-Only contracts are an excellent way for mobile phone owners to secure a low-cost deal. It's very easy for cell phone costs to get out of hand. If an individual goes over their minutes, texts too much or makes too many long distance calls, the bill they receive at the end of the month can be shocking. One very good option for individuals looking to curb costs is a SIM-Only plan. These can be up to 50% cheaper than standard mobile phone plans, which would obviously save an individual a substantial amount of money.

A SIM-Only contract only covers the SIM card, hence the name. A new headset is not included. As a result, they are much cheaper than standard plans. In fact, they are available for about half of the price, making them ideal for those concerned about costly and rising mobile phone bills. Many people have experienced the horror of opening up their cell phone bill and finding it to be much more then they expected or could afford. A SIM-Only deal is much less expensive and if a person sticks to the agreement, they will be able to save a ton of money, while still enjoying the same perks or features.

Many people have questions about the calibre of SIM-Only deals. They aren't assured that they will receive the exact same level of service or even amount of minutes, text messaging, etc., that they might if they signed a typical mobile phone contract. It becomes an unnecessary fear. Both types of plans tend to be nearly identical. Contrary, SIM-Only contracts may even be considered a bit better since the carrier isn't providing the client with a new phone. Simply because they aren't, they are able to "pad" the contract in other areas. Quite often this includes more or even cheaper minutes, texts, internet access, etc. Many of these things work in prefer of the SIM-Only customer and offers a great value.

SIM-Only contracts are great for individuals that are pleased with the phone that they already have and aren't looking to upgrade. Many people sign long term contracts because they want a particular phone. People who are really into devices often feel like they must have the latest and greatest mobile the moment it comes out. They are willing to sign having a particular carrier for any length of time to get it either at a discount or for totally free. SIM-Only contracts probably aren't a good fit for these people. They are however, for individuals who want a great deal and who aren't too particular about the phone that they have as long as it's functional and satisfactory.

Individuals that decided to go with a SIM-Only offer should take the time to evaluate carriers. This will make sure that they secure the very best plan possible and therefore are pleased with their choice. Making a hasty options are never recommended. Nevertheless, the short-length of SIM-Only agreements makes them a little more flexible in this regard. An individual that only signs the 30 day agreement may move on in short order following their contract runs out if they are not happy with the service.

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