Hands Free Device for Car Phones

| Monday, February 14, 2011
By Kelly Smith

It seems that every person at these times has a cell phone. If you go to a mall, or a store, or at any public place, you'll see someone talking on his/her cell phone. Even those driving their vehicles are guilty of using their cell phones when they are behind the wheels. We take care of our cell phones like we take care of our bodies. We are so attached to our cell phones and it goes to show we are such a chatty nation.

I have a recollection of that time when the first cell phone came out. I had one for myself, and my friend also had hers. The phones in the olden days were so big, it's like you're bringing a bag along. We carried the phones wherever we went and talked on them most of the time. Although, I'm kind of ashamed to tell you about it but we did often talked on the phones and at the same time drove our cars, for the simple reason of using it. We thought we were so cool! You should see how the cell phones look these days. They have certainly come a long way since that bulky, heavy bag phone, and they do just about everything except windows! We wouldn't think of going anywhere without our cell phones. As a woman, it is dangerous to be on your own in the city these days that's when a cell phone comes very handy.

You are a road hazard with that kind of exhibition. They say, two heads are better than one but in this case, I say, two hands are better than one. This is an accident waiting to happen and according to a University of Utah study, people who talk on the phone while driving are as impaired as a drunk driver. We are not in agreement with driving and using the cell phone at the same time. Even several states would agree on that as they are proposing to restrict totally cell phone usage on drivers. Cell phones are still being used by people while in their cars until the time comes when it is banned by law. However, there is another way to use your cell phone in a safer way and still drive with both hands, that is a hand's free device. And as of July 1, 2008, California Senate Bill 1613 states that you must use a hands free device if you are talking on your cell phone while driving. Your cell phone will no longer be allowed in your car as stated in the bill, except if a hand's free device is attached to it.

This husband of mine is on his computer frequently and because he has a Blue Tooth Headset as well, he is already reaping the benefits from using it. Sometimes he will have to help a client with computer related issues while talking at the same time and be on the phone for hours. It is very difficult to do this holding a cell phone and type at once and is extremely uncomfortable and unhealthy to try to cradle the phone in between the neck and shoulders. Now, it's impossible to separate my husband from the hand's free device that I acquired for him several years ago.

Holding the phone or cell phone through your neck and shoulder can cause nerve compression on the neck. A person who does this frequently have headaches. It will generally start from aching arms, hands, neck and shoulders. A hand's free device is a good way to go, so that you won't have to suffer headaches and body pains. You can have yourself a Blue Tooth Headset. It's comfy, uncomplicated. It's wireless and produces good quality sound. There's a brand that presents various choices - in styles and shapes - depending on what fits you. It's Motorola. There is also a speakerphone for your car that clips to the visor. In California, you can drive and still talk on the speakerphone with this one. You can forego wearing the wireless headset and you won't be penalized.

Drive safely and comply with traffic rules and regulations. Wear your hand's free device if you have to talk on the phone while driving.

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