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| Friday, February 18, 2011
By Joe Smithman

People of low income groups can get a free government cell phone which is provided in partnership with telecom companies. This free government cell phone is being supplied by TracFone Wireless through their Safelink program. This program has actually been in effect from 1984 as a government subsidized phone service which was given to those who could not afford to pay for their phones.

As the concept of cell phones grew more popular, the free government cell phone program was revised to add other features such as paying for cell phone minutes. Once the applicant qualifies for the free government cell phones, Tracfone Wireless automatically ships the cell phone to his address and this is done free of charge. The free minutes are added every month.

However, the number of free minutes given differs from state to state in the country and actually according to the zip code. For instance, they offer 250 minutes for a month in the state of Louisiana whereas it is 55 minutes for a month in DC. The eligibility requirements also vary from state to state. Most of them, however, state that the customer should be enrolled in some government assistance program such as food stamps or Medicaid or in section 8. Some state their criteria as a household income of 150% of the poverty line or even below it. One example of a family that has 150% of poverty level could be a family whose total income of all members is around $2289 for a month.

It is simple to avail of this free government cell phone plan if you can access the internet. Otherwise, you could always just post a mail to Safelink and give necessary details of your postal address (which should not be a PO Box number) and also your social security number.

The Safelink program for free government cell phone is provided in many states and to verify whether it is available in your state you could look up their website an put in your zip code. Participating state names are shown. There are many links at the end of the page and if you click it you can get information regarding the criteria as well as the benefits of the free government cell phone.

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